Career Accelerator Coaching



Developing your career, performing a career switch or accelerating your career  isn’t easy: it requires strategy, a clear direction and a myriad of interpersonal skills. Understanding your own career trajectory and where you can be in the next 5  to 10 years  is a key component to analyse before seeking the next professional challenge. Whether you are thinking of an internal move, changing employers or relocating to a fast paced environment, we will provide realistic recommendations, insight and help you strategize the right methodology.




Our career accelerator coaching is a one to one consultation for professionals to optimize their career strategy. Our senior executive search specialist will assess your situation, discuss your goals and guide your job search strategy based on new management trends, new business models and current job market offerings. During the consultation, the expert opinion will provide you with tips to optimize your resume presentation, story telling coherence, online networking, interview performance and insider advice on job market requirements. This consultation is personalized and confidential and will equip you with lifelong career development skills and confidence for the next phase of your career. 


Our recruitment specialists have extensive experience in executive recruitment and hiring processes and possess in-depth knowledge of the current job opportunity market. Understand which companies are looking for talent like you to accelerate and succeed in your career.


People who may require consultation:

  • Individuals who are in the process of searching for a new job

  • You are looking to switch careers, or head to a new direction in your career

  • You haven’t job searched in five to 10 years

  • You are new to the job market in Singapore

  • You are looking to refine your job search strategy

  • People who are looking personalised, specialised advice about your industry

  • You’re looking to promote or entering a different corporate culture

  • Or you may just need a practice partner for your interviews!