On-Boarding Success

In a fast-moving world, the need for a leader to integrate and onboard quickly in a new organisation is crucial. The so-called one-year “honeymoon” period has shortened to a quarter and results are monitored very quickly.

It is called the Quick Win Paradox, on which Harvard Business review made a research: https://hbr.org/2009/01/the-quick-wins-paradox.

The result is that 46% of transitioning leaders are derailing, and 60% of them for one of the following reasons:

  1. Focusing too heavily on details

  2. Reacting negatively on criticism

  3. Intimidating others

  4. Jumping to conclusions

  5. Micromanaging the people reporting to them

Derailing is a high risk to organisation, and no structure want to lose on operational efficiency. On-boarding not only it acts as an insurance policy, but it also helps to retain your talent for a long time.

WeLinkTalent has established a structured on-boarding success program that ensures satisfaction on both ends. The program is coaching-focused process aimed at communicating agendas, expectations and providing support. Coaching unveils strengths and talents at this critical stage.

Our program structure:

Phase 1: Alignment

Phase 2: Assessment

Phase 3: Consolidation

Phase 4: Achievement

On-boarding is a challenging, risky and stressful process on all levels at the organization and investment into this program will act as insurance against on-boarding failure.

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