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What Makes Us Different

We Make it happen | WeLinkTalent | Recruitment Innovation

We make it happen

We help our clients build exceptional businesses by linking them with the best talent available.

We understand your needs, attract and engage with the right people, and finally consult with you on the most efficient choice that will give you a competitive advantage.

We are consultative | WeLinkTalent | Recruitment Innovation

We are consultative

Firstly, we understand your needs precisely through an in-depth job brief discussion.

Secondly, we will tailor an efficient recruitment strategy for you.

Thirdly, we search, screen, and interview candidates in person and introduce your company and role to them.

We think long-term | WeLinkTalent | Recruitment Innovation

We think long term

Our main focus is always to deliver the ideal candidate to your organisation.


We assess the capabilities, the potential and the personal drivers of all our candidates to think long term and deliver high potential assets to your organisation.

Our Values

Agility and Flexibility by WeLinkTalent

Agility and Flexibity

Human Approach of WeLinkTalent

Human Approach

Transparency and Feedback WeLinkTalent values

Transparency and Feedback

Meeting your Needs WeLinkTalent Recruitment Innovation

Meeting your needs

Building Longlasting  Relationships with WeLinkTalent | Recruitment Innovation

Building long-lasting relationships

Our Methodology

Consulting Methodology of WeLinkTalent | Recruitment Innovation

We design a sourcing methodology to attract the ideal match. We assess the talent's skills, potential and personal ambition in a collaborative.

Our recruitment consultants only work on a few cases at once, giving our clients their full attention for the search.

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