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Start-ups are living, dynamic companies. As the startup grows and moves through each funding stage, strategies can change, tactics can shift, and entire company missions are just one move away from a complete restructure. Hence, a startup’s needs are drastically different throughout its various growth stages.

We accompany founders in the direct search of strategic people for the growth of the organisation to scope, budget, attract, offer and hire the right talent for the proper phase of growth. 

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand your need to balance agility and growth to  build your start-up.

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Common Recruitment Challenges Faced by Series-B Startup Founders

Access to Talent

Startups are unique and separate from traditional corporate culture. Your investors might request a change in your management team you may need to comply with them to obtain financing.

While the startup world consists of many young and talented individuals, founders may struggle to find more experienced executives with more management experience. At this stage, startup founders should make strategic hires to accelerate growth.

Our consultants at WeLinkTalent have vast connections and access to executives of many types of expertise, experiences, and sectors.

Hiring Senior Management

Your board and other stakeholders may have new requests to introduce more experienced individuals to play different roles in the team. Talent of different skill sets, and experience will be required to strengthen the management team.

Those recruitments are, for most of the time, very different from the ones done at the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey. They are not part of your core business. Their expertise and experience are crucial to your next phase of growth.

Our consultants have vast experience and networks in finding the right executives

There is often a need for an intermediary when it comes to hiring senior executives with a founding mindset to join your management team,

Common recruitment requests from VCs and the board

  • COO: To add credibility to your business plan, which ensures perfect execution of your operation. This is often requested when the fund is being structured as it will be highly valuable to your financial partners.
  • CFO: Once you bring on board a financial institution as a shareholder, the proven CFO will guarantee the reality of figures, forecast and planning, an excellent reason to hire a senior talent to balance vision with reality. Management reporting and financials for quarterly discussions is crucial during the financing stage.
  • Board Member Recruitment: When building up your organisation, you must build up your board. It is often the case that your board may struggle to stay impartial due to the success of your company and may stop challenging your ideas. We can help you recruit board members based on your business specificities to bring additional value and help you challenge your ideas to grow faster.
  • Middle Management: Architects, Engineers, Team Managers, Talent Acquisition, International Business Development...

Not only may your financial partner request additional staff, but you might also be willing to launch a new business line, a new service, or expand geographically.

Understanding of the context and timeline, identifying strategic hires for your startup is what we do.

Recruitment goals for a Series-B startup

The series-B phase is an exciting time. After developingyour products snd services in your series-A funding stage, the goal is to manage the growth in your operations. Scaling up capablity, growing revenue, transitioning from innovation to optimzation cannot be done without a strong, well-structured team. The people you should hire should establish your reputation as a company, build meaningful connections, and even expand funding networks.

Organisational design and Team structure

Startup founders often struggle with identifying the gaps in their existing team capablities. A strategic partner will help them analyse their human capital needs and execute their vision. After gaining deeper insight at your startup's goals and needs, our consultants can provide advisory regarding the structure of your expanded team. Our consultants have extensive experience working with MNCs, SMEs, and startups and will work with founders in building a team for the right phase of growth. They will bring present your company's vision to talent in the industry and bring it into reality.

Remuneration and Compensation Structure

It is common for startups to tighter cash flow management, resulting in a struggle to offer competitive salaries packages to employees and affecting their ability to attract talent. resource allocation, offer management Our consultants can provide advisory for the right remuneration, compensation, benefits, and/or commission structures to attract talent to work at your startup. We can proposing creative, strategic resource allocation solutions in deploying your funds when designing a remuneration structure and find talent acoording to the design.

Offer Management

Offer management is more often than not, the most tedious part of startup recruitment. It is a process that begins before the the selection of the candidate. Discussions about resource allocation will decide the type of talent you need. After you select the right talent to hire, the negotiations begin. We can help you structure the offer management process, negotiate, and securing the offer acceptance. We act as the middle man in commnicating the offer to the candidate and to you and manage expctations on both ends. We address everyone's concerns and doubts and aid communication between all parties, ensuring a smooth offer management process.

Company Culture and Employer Branding

What kind of people are you looking to add to your team? The founders and employees shape the company culture of the startup. Hence, we take this into consideration when scaling up the organisation. We communicate with the founders to clearly define their values, mission and vision. This is how we ensure that the talent fits into the company culture.

what we offer

By Entrepreneurs, for Entrepreneurs

For Entrepreneurs, by Entrepreneurs

As startup entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the challenges of being a startup founder.

Management team

Building the Management Team

We can source for the right talent to lead your company.

Needs and Goal Assessment

Needs Assessment

A deep dive in to understanding the needs and goals of your company in the phase of growth.



We adapt to the agile, quick-changing and growing nature of your business.

scale up phases

Scale Up Phases

We find the right people for the right phase of growth according to your business operations.  


Bespoke Recruitment Strategy

We can design a recruitment plan based on your needs and capabilities.


Team Building

We are experts in organisational design and understand how to structuring a strong team of different people who can excel together.


Consultation and Advisory

We provide consultation regarding the team structure other aspects of your recruitment.


Executive Search

We search, screen and interview high quality candidates for your company.

resource optimisation

Resource Optimisation

We plan the recruitment plan according to your resource allocation.

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