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5 Good Reasons to Partner Exclusively With Search Firms

Exclusive vs Contingency search

When recruiting for a position in the organisation, hiring managers often find themselves facing a huge pile of CVs, a majority of which is usually irrelevant, that demands their time and, well, patience, to sort them out and try to find the best talent for the role.

In an attempt to speed the hiring process and avoid having to deal with the 100s of resumes sent by candidates, many of them turn to several recruitment agencies and let them try to track the most suitable candidate for the job. This is where they go wrong. Although having a competent recruiter fight your (recruitment) battles is a great move, hiring multiple recruiters to help fill a vacancy actually backfires.

In fact, it has an adverse effect on your hiring process and could lead to the exact opposite results; slowing things down and sourcing a new addition that is not as shiny as it should have been. Here are some reasons why working exclusively with a recruitment service provider is to your best interest.

1. Your Company Accesses Qualified Candidates

The truth is that collaborating with several recruiting agencies will provide you with a long list of candidates. However, given the fierce competition, the agencies that compete against each other to deliver results the fastest possible will probably not focus much on producing a list of qualified candidates and work on the easiest placement first. Or they may have no time to assess each CV effectively to find out whether a talent is indeed a great fit for the role because they want to steal impressions and be the first to cross the finishing line. Either way, you don't get the quality you deserve.

2. Protect your Company's Image

That aside, the readily available candidate pool consists of candidates that are actively looking for a job. This means that they register with several recruiting firms and are on many job boards. It does not require much “digging” to find them. In fact, you can find many of them on your own. So, chances are that if you hire multiple recruitment agencies, you will get lists with the same candidates. This also means that you will most likely be contacting the same candidate more than once for the same role, which makes your company appear rather unprofessional and disorganised. Would you like to work in such an organisation?

On the contrary, a recruitment service provider that works for you exclusively will go deeper than the candidate pool available at the moment and find candidates that do not necessarily post their CVs on job boards or respond to ads (those talents are usually the most qualified candidates).

3. Saves You Time

Submitting candidates the quickest is not the desideratum. Sifting through a pile of applications and suggesting the right, most qualified candidates is. In any other case, you run the risk of increasing your workload by having to go through a stack of CVs that are not necessarily right for your role. Not to mention that you will need to deal with inconsistent messaging from working with multiple agencies; a situation that can easily get out of control and consume most of your time.

Working exclusively with one recruitment agency provider is a win-win as the agency has your full commitment and you get their max amount of effort in return. Plus, it allows the recruiting firm to take their time to adjust your needs towards the competencies available, which also helps minimise the risk of mis-hires.

4. Ideal for Strategic Recruitment

When your search is difficult (i.e. need a talent with multiple skills or specific personality traits), there is definitely a distinct scarcity of talents available. Working with a recruitment service provider on an exclusive basis gives them the motivation to plan and put into effect the best strategy so you get exactly what you need.

Plus, you can't expect to have your talent-hunt be the first priority of a recruiting firm's that you are not working with on an exclusive basis, compared to the roles their exclusive clients need filled.

5. Consultative Work

When having to deal with a difficult search, you need someone to assess your needs, understand all the details of the role, ensure the stakeholders' expectations are met to the fullest, implement the best recruiting strategy throughout the hiring process, and be held accountable if they do not deliver. This calls for consultative work that can only be done successfully if you hire a recruiting agency to work with and for you exclusively.

What is the most important is to find candidates that are perfect for the role and align with the culture and the goals of the company. This takes time and effective hiring practices.

Without a doubt, partnering with a recruitment service provider on an exclusive basis is key to the most successful hiring practices. The recruiter you collaborate with becomes an extension of your organisation, gains a deep understanding of your needs, and tailors an efficient recruitment strategy.

WeLinkTalent has an established database of candidates, both active and passive, in every industry. Our experienced talent-spotters and recruitment professionals are more than capable of structuring a recruitment process based on your needs; a process that will ensure you find the best talent from around the world for the role you are looking to fill - a talent that will fit in the company culture and mission seamlessly and help transform the future of your organisation in the long run.

If you have any questions or are interested in discussing your recruitment requirements in more detail, kindly. We will be happy to help you take your business to an upper level any way we can.

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