Return-on-Talent SaaS

The merits of retaining and grooming your internal talents from one position to the next are tremendous; there are both tangible - cost and time saving- and intangible merits - as a way of having a more systematic and more inclusive approach.

To top that, the network and knowledge that goes together with the talents will cost you way more than just money! With technology and an innovative approach to internal referrals, your HR retention process of core professional can be automated for the better and cheaper.


WeLinkTalent's HR solution will help you identify your next High Potential in just 12 months, and stop losing people to the competition!


WeLinkTalent SaaS is a collaborative, dynamic and automated solution based on trust and reputation.


WeLinkTalent SaaS helps an organisation to identify talented employees within their core professionals to retain before losing them to competition.

WeLinkTalent SaaS works like a global Referral Sourcing for your Talent Acquisition