Confident Businessman

Executive / Direct Search

  • Understanding the context

  • Assessing your needs thoroughly 

  • Aligning stakeholder

  • Benchmarking competitors and market

  • Talent Mapping

  • Direct approach

  • Offer Management

The right talent for the right opportunity


Image by Susan Yin

Talent Mapping

Bring agility to your Business Continuity Planning (BCP) 


We can map all available talent in specific geography without the need to engage actively.

Need to approach one of these talent? You're already ahead of your competition.  


Recruitment Innovation

Organizational Transformation

We have 15 years of experience in finding the key people for different levels of a restructuring organization.

Digital Transformation

Launching a new team for digital analytics? We specialize in finding industry experts and establishing a recruitment plan to build the right team for your growing digital needs.


Office Hang Out

Series B & C startup 


We support investors and start-up founders to build the right management team. A CFO to build your management reporting? Or a COO to ensure streamlined execution. We also can recruit your board members, in case they are too biased.

We have proven expertise to find C-level executive to join startups.


Business Meeting

Talent OnBoarding

The first 100 days are of the utmost importance. We can design and support your onboarding process to maximise engagement and ensure that expectations are aligned.

Improve your employee engagement and long term tenure by maintaining the momentum initiated during the interview stage. 



Do you have the right tools for internal recruitment?
Is your company project-driven? Need to add transparency and visibility to your employee for internal opportunities.


We have the perfect automated software for yours. Our SaaS is a standalone tool, which can be deployed in just a few days.




Career Accelerator Coaching 

Looking to refine your career growth strategy, change directions in your career or simply look for a new job?


Our senior executive search specialist can offer consultation and guide you through your job search.



Job Advertising Solutions

Having problems attracting talent for your open role? WeLinkTalent job advertising solutions will address it for you.