Start-Up Recruitment Services:
Supporting both growth and investments

For the Series-B and the Series-C financing stage, we partnered with VC firms to understand the needs to balance agility, seniority and to accelerate the development of your startup.

Your investors might request a change in your management team you need to comply with to get your financing.

We accompany founders on the direct search of strategic people for the growth of the organisation. Those recruitments are, most of the time, very different from the ones done since the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey. They are not part of your core business. Reason to partner with WeLinkTalent, to help you scope, budget, attract, offer and hire the right talent for the proper phase of growth. 

Examples of common requests from VCs:

  • COO: To add credibility to your business plan, ensuring perfect execution of your operation is highly valuable to your financial partners, hence often requested when structuring the funding.

  • CFO: Once you bring on board a financial institution as a shareholder, Management reporting and financials for quarterly discussions. A proven CFO will guarantee the reality of figures, forecast and planning, an excellent reason to hire a senior talent to balance vision with reality.

  • Board Member Recruitment: When building up your organisation, you build up your board. It happens that thanks to your success, your board become too buyest and stop challenging your ideas. We can help you recruit Board members based on your business specificities to bring additional value and help you challenge your ideas to grow faster.

  • Middle Management: Architects, Engineers, Team Managers, Talent Acquisition, International Business Development...

Not only your financial partner may request additional staff, but you might also be willing to launch a new business line or a new service or expand geographically. 

Understanding of the context and timeline, identifying strategic hire for your startup is what we do.

We have proven experience in FinTech, RegTech, InsureTech, HR Tech...

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