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The world of start-ups is endlessly exciting. From an energetic work culture to accelerating growth, the potential of start-ups is endless. Whether you're making a switch from corporate management, or a Talent's who's simply looking to expand their career in an exciting, growing startup, joining the right startup can accelerate one's career.

WeLinkTalent specialises in recruiting the right talent for startups. We are dedicated in every step of the recruitment process and are involved in consulting startup founders, communicating with talent about their career goals to ensure that mutual goals are met.

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Common concerns about joining startups

Sustainability of startups

The most common concern talent have when considering to work at a startup is the overall sustainability of the business. What are the risks of the startup folding? This is valid concern: afterall, 90% of startups fail eventually. Many people have families to support and cannot fathom the idea of working at a riskier company. Utimately, all business are risky, and large MNCs, however stable, are not infallible to folding as well. Individuals who are seeking to join a startup must embrace the experimental nature of the startup atmosphere and be passionate about the work.

Remuneration and Compensation

The truth is, it is more likely for startups to deal with cash flow problems. This may affect their ability to offer large remuneration compensation packages. However, some startups may offer equity in place of traditional salary packages. This has a lot of potential growth value, unlike traditional fixed remuneration packages.

Career Progression and Flexibility

It is a common misconception that it is difficult to switch from startups to a MNC. In fact, the skills executives develop during their time in a startup will offer them greater career mobility and better career progression in the future. The quick growth and agility of a startup is a excellent learning curve for professionals who are looking to make a difference and seeking more than just climbing the corporate ladder. Being with a smaller company offers more learning opporturnities with management and allows you to work closely with brains of the business.

Lack of structure

Talent who are coming from a more rigid/highly structured MNC culture may find the flexibility in startups alarming and disorganised. While it forces individuals to adapt and be flexible with problem solving, the lack of structure also brings about many benefits. WIth a smaller company, bureacracy is greatly eliminated. Everyone is focused on the actual work and collaboration is more efficient. Startups are also known to have more flexible working hours, dress codes, and communication styles. In the end, the startup atmosphere is more driven on the result, and more relaxed everywhere else.

Traits of a startup team member

There are many vital qualities that are important in a startup team. These are some traits of an ideal startup employee:

  • Team Player and Collaborator
  • Passion for the work
  • Shares the Vision
  • Adaptablity
  • Organisation
  • Innovation
  • Grit and patience
  • Desire to Learn
  • Proactive

what we offer

For Entrepreneurs, By Entrepreneurs

For Entrepreneurs, By Entrepreneurs

As startup entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand how startup founders think and what they are looking for.

Needs and Goal Assessment

Needs Assessment

We dive deep into your needs, experience and considerations before advising your next big jump in your career.

Management team

Team Building

We understand the importance of building a good team. We are dedicated in finding people with the right cultural fit with the startup.


Coaching and Mentoring

What are you career goals and strategy? We listen to you to and discuss how your nexr job will be the part of your career journey.

Case Study: CRO at H3 Dynamics

In this interview, Eric discusses his transition from the corporate world to startups, his considerations and how WeLinkTalent guided his next career move in his new role as the Chief Revenue Officer at H3 Dynamics.

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