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Why work with us?

Why work with us

Eric Feddal, ex CRO of H3 Dynamics

Emmanuel was really keen in terms of qualifying whether I had the right profile, the right skillset and especially, the right cultural ability to adapt. Emmanuel, who worked with the CEO Taras for a long time, was able to assess the process that we were going through together before I was introduced to the CEO, which was basically leaving no room for mistakes.

Our Candidates' Experience

How is working with our recruitment consultants like?

"The match was really down, and it's not so easy actually to have this kind of match, and this is exactly what the company was looking for. It was a very smooth hiring process, so thank you for that. No one could’ve dreamt of a better hiring process."


Vincent Pawlowski, Cell ID

What insights did you gain from our consultants?

"Keav actually gave me a lot of very interesting pointers. He actually gave me all these briefs before I even did my own research. It's a very interesting hack because it basically gives you the answer right before you actually go for an interview. That's a very good thing because you'll know what to look out for."

- Luccan Ryanata, Shift Technology

Interview Tips from our recruitment consultants

"Clarify what’s in it for you to take on this role, as well as what’s in it for them to take you on board."

- Emmanuel White, CEO and Founder of WeLinkTalent 


"Be yourself. Be clear and concise in order to highlight the most relevant elements of your profile. And also, don't forget to smile!"

- Louis Bonhomme, Associate Recruitment Consultant 

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