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OnBoardin Booster | WeLinkTalent | Recruitment Innovation

OnBoarding Booster

The Onboarding Booster is an add-on feature to the recruitment process that is coaching-focused and aimed at communicating agendas, and expectations and providing support.

Improve your employee engagement and long term tenure by maintaining the momentum initiated during the interview stage.

OnBoarding Booster | WeLinkTalent | Recruitment Innovation

Why Boost Your Onboarding Process?

As recruitment specialists, we understand that onboarding is a challenging, risky and stressful process on all levels of the organisation. In a fast-moving world, the need for a leader to integrate and onboard quickly in a new organisation is crucial. 

After years of working with newly hired executives, WeLinkTalent has created a structured onboarding success program that ensures satisfaction on both ends. We believe in your executives and believe in investing in your talent. The program is a coaching-focused process aimed at communicating agendas and expectations and providing support.

Partnering with top executive coaches in the industry, the Onboarding Booster is constantly adapted to and co-designed with the specific needs of each situation to unveil strengths and talents at this critical stage through open, supportive and challenging conversations.

why boost your onboarding

Our Programme Structure

onboarding programme structure | WeLinkTalent | Recruitment Innovation

Three Key Dimensions of Onboarding Support

Clarify Expectation | OnBoarding Booster

Clarify what is expected regarding roles and deliveries to perform immediately 

Build Relationships | OnBoarding Booster

Build relationships and networks needed to interface within and outside the organisation.

Context Understanding | OnBoarding Booster

Understand the context to navigate effectively with the full awareness of the organisation and the self.

Our Executive Coach Partners


Founded by HR Expert and certified coach, Estelle Dherine, IKIGAI Coaching helps individuals and organizations match their expectations and achieve higher levels of performance through leadership and career coaching.

Logo Executive Transform

Yves-Pascal Pelcener is a supportive, challenging and solutions-focused executive coach; facilitating leadership development in leaders and teams. He partners with clients to develop their professional effectiveness, deepen their strengths and intensify their leadership impact and organisational influence.

OnBoarding Booster by WeLinkTalent | Recruitment Innovation

Invest in your new leaders and retain your talent.
Learn more about our programme today.

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