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Series-B and Series-C Startup Recruitment

Start-ups are living, dynamic companies. As the startup grows and moves through each funding stage, strategies can change, tactics can shift, and entire company missions are just one move away from a complete restructure.

We partner with founders in the direct search for strategic people for the organisation's growth.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand your talent needs.

Startup Recruitment by WeLinkTalent | Recruitment Innovation

The Right Talent, the Right Phase of growth

start up growth phases | WeLinkTalent | Recruitment Innovation

As your startup grows from the pre-series B and pre-IPO stage, the functions and demands of
your company will change. Your board and other stakeholders may have new requests to introduce more experienced individuals to play different roles in the team.

Individuals of different skill sets and experience will be required to strengthen operations.

Scaling up your startup is a strategic and timed process. 

How We Grow Your Startup

Needs assessement

We dive deep into understanding the needs and goals of your company in the phase of growth.

Bespoke Recruitment Strategy

We work with you to plan your talent acquisition strategy for you next stage of growth.

Scale-up Phasing

We find the right people for the right phase of growth according to your business operations. 

Executive Search

We search, screen and interview high-quality candidates for your company.

Building the Management

We understand how to structure a strong team of different people who can excel together.

For Entrepreneurs, by Entrepreneurs

Our strategies are tailor-made to your unique needs, requirements and resources.


As startup entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand how startup founders think and what they are looking for.

Consultation and Advisory

We provide consultation regarding the team structure other aspects of recruitment.

Team Building

We structure a strong team of different people who can excel together.

Resource Allocation

We execute the recruitment plan according to your resources.

Our Startup Clients

Our Recent Projects

After their series-B funding round, Singapore startup H3 Dynamics was seeking talent to scale up their company.

From December 2020, WeLinkTalent was retained on a project basis to provide consultation with regard to their organizational design, recruitment strategy and other HR goals.

Read about our partnership on this recruitment project.

WeLinkTalent Clients - H3 Dynamics Group

Common Startup Recruitment Challenges

Access to Talent

Startups are unique and separate from traditional corporate culture. Your investors might request a change in your management team you may need to comply with them to obtain financing.


While the startup world consists of many young and talented individuals, founders may struggle to find more experienced executives with more management experience. At this stage, startup founders should make strategic hires to accelerate growth.


Our consultants at WeLinkTalent have vast connections and access to executives of many types of expertise, experiences, and sectors.

What our clients say

Taras Wankewycz

Taras Wankewycz, Founder and CEO of H3 Dynamics

The advice that was coming from WeLinkTalent on the priorities in terms of the type of people at the positions we needed to fill first was a great addition and contribution, which we valued quite a bit. They supported on the strategy side, prioritisation, found the right talent to fill positions, were quite reactive, and had a strong relationship with the management of the company.

They’re like an extended part of the management team, in one way. 

client testimonials

What recruitment challenges do startup founders face?

"I would say finding the right mix of people with the technical know-how, but at the same time having the same values, and I’ll say alignment with the company." 

- Shaun Koo, CTO of H3 Dynamics

Insights Gained by Startup Founders

"Supporting on the strategy side, prioritisation, finding the right talent to fill those positions, being quite reactive, and having kind of a strong relationship with the management of the company."

- Taras Wankewycz, Founder of H3 Dynamics

What does talent mean to you?

"I think talent is everything. You know without the people; we can only do only so much you can do. We have great ideas, but we need to execute the ideas."

- Taras Wankewycz, Founder of H3 Dynamics

Scaling up your startup?
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