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Job Advertising Solutions

Advertising your job opening is the first step of talent attraction.

With our expertise in job advertising strategy and vast networks, we will attract high-quality candidates and ensure the success of your recruitment process.

What We Offer
Jobs Advertising Package
WLT - Job Advertising

What We Offer

Bespoke Advertising Strategy

Our consultants will have an in-depth discussion to understand the role you are advertising for, craft attractive job descriptions and online ads, express important factors such as company culture in the strategy and decide the right platforms advertise on.


Based on demographics and candidate behaviour, we include different methods to reach your ideal candidate.

Online Advertising

Years of experience in job advertising with Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation techniques have brought us success with candidate sourcing in recruitment.

We utilise both organic and pay per click (PPC) strategies to ensure that jobs advertised through us are found in relevant searches. 

what we offer

Job Advertising Package

Online Jobs boards

SEO Optimisation/PPC Campaign

Social media

Specific Schools Alumni networks

Posted on and other online jobs boards (ie. Indeed, Google Jobs) with carefully crafted job descriptions.

Refine your social media sharing strategy with the platforms of your choice.

Boost your search engine/keyword strategy and advertise on Google, social media and more.

Looking for talent from a specific background? We can promote your open role with our vast alumni network of professionals.

our jobs advertising package
Find your Talent by WeLinkTalent | Recruitment Innovation

Boost your advertising strategy and find your next talent.

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