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H3 Dynamics Scale Up Project

At WeLinkTalent, we believe that talent is the key to the growth of your startup. 

Starting in 2020, we have partnered with award-winning startup, H3 Dynamics, to scale up their team and their operations after their series-B funding round.

Working closely with the founders, we consulted on their strategies every step of the way.
We designed the recruitment strategy and assessed their business goals before acquiring the right talent that shared their vision. Most importantly, our consultants acted as the middleman and facilitated communication between the startup and talent throughout the recruitment and negotiation process.

Being retained on a project basis allowed us to dedicate the time to dive deep into our partner’s needs, giving us much better insight into the type of candidates they want for their team.

Startup Recruitment Services

Needs Assessment

Organisation Structure Advisory

Resource Allocation

Regional and International Search

Company Identity and Culture Awareness

Talent Management

Recruitment and Executive Search

Hiring Phasing

Metrics of Role Success 

 Recruitment process strategies

Job scope definition and Job descriptions

 Compensation Structure

Talent Onboarding

Payrolling solutions and HR Functions

What Our Clients Say

Taras Wankewycz

Taras Wankewycz, Founder and CEO of H3 Dynamics

The advice that was coming from WeLinkTalent on the priorities in terms of the type of people at the positions we needed to fill first was a great addition and contribution, which we valued quite a bit. They supported on the strategy side, prioritisation, found the right talent to fill positions, were quite reactive, and had a strong relationship with the management of the company.

They’re like an extended part of the management team, in one way. 

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