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Recruitment Strategy: Aligning your expectations

When setting up your recruitment needs, alignment between the stakeholders is critical to better-fit hiring, faster recruitment processes, and more satisfied employees. When the professionals that work with the talent and those that find them do not see eye-to-eye about what needs must be filled within the organisation, there can be no forum in which to plan and, most importantly, encourage, improvement. So, discussing open job requisitions across all groups of stakeholders is paramount to creating the most optimal recruiting environment and help identify both the expectations the hiring manager has and what is requested among others.

Below, are some must do that should be factored in when creating a recruitment strategy.

1. Role Description: Setting up Expectations

Define the role you want to fill before you begin your search for the best talent. That way, you will know when you have found the right candidate. Developing a job description that clearly defines exactly what you are looking for is necessary. Also, the hiring manager and recruiting partner should outline (1) the type of experience you are seeking, (2) the timeline to fill the position, (3) what success for this role looks in the short- and long-run (in 3 to 9 months' time), and (4) the required evaluation criteria (i.e. interview focus areas).

2. Is this a Replacement or a Newly Created Position?

Do you have a vacant position and the duties and responsibilities for that role have been changed substantially (to the degree a different job classification is needed)? Have stakeholders decided to budget a new role based on the company's expanding needs?

Do you feel that your team is not big enough to handle the increasing demands of your business, although they are managing their time and resources effectively? Do you regularly use a lot of temporary workers or freelancers? Is a short-term or long-term hire in order?

These are some of the questions that can help you identify whether your company needs to create a new position or a replacement one.

These questions clearly help you define your expectation. In the case of a newly created position, you’ll need someone with enough expertise and skills to launch the role in an autonomous manner, hence the seniority and or level of expertise will be different from a replacement role on which most processes and responsibilities would have been clearly defined.

3. Consequences of a mis-hire

Hiring a team member for the wrong reasons or at the wrong time can cost you not only your (precious) time but also money. Latest surveys are showing a direct cost of 9 months of salary for mis-hires. Add to that the productivity loss, the lost time (and cost) to recruit and train the new hire, the negatively affected employee morale, and the negative impact on client solutions and you begin to get the real picture.

You need to be very meticulous when choosing to have a new or replacement position, and clarifying recruitment needs for each.

4. Job Development in the mid term : Potential

The future growth of every new role you open in your organisation is an important factor that should also be considered.

  • Where do you see this role heading in the next 12-18 months?

  • Are there any specific, new duties this role could take on?

  • What do you believe an ideal career route looks like for a person in this role?

Outlining your answers to questions like these will help you cultivate this new hire. It also give you the ability to project the ideal talent in the long run and assess what potential is requested.

Admittedly, making sure all stakeholder are agreed upon (which can allow all sides to be held accountable for their part of the recruitment strategy and process) and investing time to clearly define your recruitment needs is crucial to structuring the recruitment process.

WeLinkTalent can help you achieve that and allow you to effectively contribute to the growth and success of your organisation, always respecting your schedule and limited time.

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