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What is Talent Mapping and How It Can Benefit Your Business

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

All hiring managers can agree that identifying key candidates from your competitors is the key to understanding what talent is needed to achieve future business growth in your organization. This is where talent mapping comes in.

Talent mapping is an internal assessment to evaluate the readiness and performance of your current workforce against future developments. The goal is to identify high-potential employees whose future development aligns with your strategic priorities. It is a systematic and effective way to identify specific needs or speculate about unknown future ones and how they may be met through training and development.

Talent mapping is important to an organization’s talent management strategy because it looks beyond the current staffing and organizational structure to envision what will be needed at various future points. To be ready to meet future challenges, the type of assessment provided by talent mapping is vital.

Ultimately, the aim of external talent mapping is to build a talent pipeline. Those engaged during the talent mapping project can be contacted over several months and years, meaning when an immediate need arises, the hiring manager is not solely reliant upon building new relationships or selling opportunities to the market.

Gathering market intelligence and insight into competitor capabilities is another objective of an external talent mapping process. Talent mapping can be the start of a deeper analysis of competitors’ teams and the different professionals working on certain projects. This can involve the formation and organisational structures, investigating compensation and benefits trends, as well as training and development plans of other teams.

The process of talent mapping also brings agility to your business continuity plan and asks critical questions about the future of human resources in your company. Are succession plans established? Will the organization adapt in the face of unforeseen circumstances? How is your industry changing and what type of talent do you require to adapt to those changes? How do you improve retention within your company? Talent mapping will provide you with market intelligence and a clearer picture of your competitor’s abilities and their strategies.

​Who would benefit from talent mapping?

  1. You are thinking strategically and would like to find great talent for your business’ medium to long term requirements

  2. There is a specific role you are trying to source for, and you would like to identify a wider selection of candidates for the role in your industry

  3. Your business has identified gaps in its capabilities or has been consistently losing out on projects to key competitors, so you need to identify the strong players within those companies

  4. You are experiencing significant growth in a specific area or considering acquiring another business, so you need to map teams and companies

To analyze your human resource needs, a highly methodical approach such as Talent Mapping is immensely useful to illustrate your industry talent and market conditions as part of the recruitment strategy. Furthermore, having a shortlist of different talents in your industry will guarantee a higher quality of hire for the delivery of your next recruitment campaign. Talent Mapping provides bespoke real-time market intelligence and ensures the best employment strategies are selected whilst delivering cost-effective talent acquisition for your organisation.


At WeLinkTalent, we can map all available talent in specific geography and market without the need to engage actively. We conduct methodological research to look for talent with a mix of current performance and future growth potential that will indicate a long-term match for your company.

Our talent mapping report will produce a shortlist of the best talent in the industry and assess their eagerness to change roles with the goal of understanding the available talent in the market.

We provide a highly consultative and tailor-made recruitment strategy based on the needs and goals of your organisation, which will be crucial in developing your human resource strategy.

Contact us now to learn more.

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