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Why You need the Expertise of a Recruitment Specialist in Your Hiring Process

Let’s be honest: recruitment is a painstaking, time-consuming process that requires significant resources and effort, and often without guarantees. The process of filtering through countless resumes, interviewing and selecting the best-fit candidates is tedious and may not even promise results. The hiring process of a high-level executive is even more crucial to the organization as the risks of losing operational efficiency are high. Therefore, a recruitment strategy must be carefully established to form a clear process that will ensure a successful hire.

1. Industry Insight

A recruitment specialist will have significant expertise and provide job market insight, internationally, regionally and nationally, which employers can tap into as they plan their recruitment strategy. Recruitment consultants will understand employer needs, candidate expectations, and the impact of supply and demand on the jobs market as a whole. The job market is volatile and constantly changing and the recruiter will have the best insight from the industry they specialize in. Thus, they are ideally situated to help employers make educated decisions, which have a positive impact on the process.

2. Ability to Identify Talent

As experts in the field, recruiters would possess the knowledge of avoiding hiring a bad candidate, who is looking for work, their relevant skills and even identify hidden talents that may be applied to certain roles. Recruiters who specialise in certain industries will also be connected with the best talent in the industry and understand the current nature of the job market. Recruitment specialists also use tools such as talent mapping to scope out your competitor’s talent before approaching them. They will also be able to assist the hiring manager in negotiating salaries according to market rates and the skill level of the candidate.

3. Advertise Jobs

Tailoring your job adverts and your external value proposition is an important first step in appealing to the right talent. A recruiter would know how to best word and describe the role and advertise them on the right platforms. Then, they would sieve through the mountain of applications to shortlist suitable candidates for the next round. A good job advertising strategy also brings brand awareness and positivity to your company.

4. High-Quality Clients

Using a recruitment firm to hire your next executive would filter out hundreds of irrelevant applications and shortlist a list of high-quality candidates. As your company grows and changes, your HR team may need to conduct complex interviews for positions they are not necessarily familiar with. A specialist would be able to begin the tedious process of shortlisting, referencing and interviewing candidates before presenting them to the company. This ensures the highest quality candidates by the time the company interviews them and will save a great deal of time and effort.

5. Specialist Knowledge

As recruiters specialise in scoping the best talent in the industry, they possess extensive knowledge about individual segments of the jobs market and the talent that is available in particular localities. They may also take a consultative approach and dive deep into understanding the organisation’s requirements and goals. This is especially important in an organisation that is undergoing major restructuring or requiring a new brand new specialist team with newly defined roles and responsibilities. An experienced recruiter would be able to guide the organisation in finding the best people for their team in their expansion.

6. Extended Reach

There is a lot of passive or highly selective talent in the industry who will not even look up job advertisements. A good recruiter will have a vast network of contacts and knowledge of where to find the best talent. Firms will also have professional partnerships with international recruitment federations, which will provide them with extensive, exclusive networks of talent all over the world. The consultant would be able to leverage their networks to find the best talent for your company.

7. Retain your hires

Bringing a new employee on your payroll is a substantial expense and risk. The cost of hiring someone new is high and the cost of turnover is even higher. Hiring the wrong person will waste training resources and greatly affect the operations of your organisation. Besides securing the best fit candidate for your company, recruitment firms often provide additional services such as consultative services to ensure the smooth transition of your new executive. The recruiter will act as the middleman and assist in negotiating salaries, expectations and responsibilities. Some firms may even provide an onboarding program to ensure the smooth transition of the candidate to guarantee the retention of your new employee.

Recruiting a new employee is a risky and time-consuming process. Using their vast business networks and expertise, recruiters will be able to reach out to the best talent will ensure smooth recruitment. Using a recruitment firm instead of your in-house HR team is also much more time and effort efficient, allowing your HR to focus on employee wellbeing instead. All in all, using a recruitment firm to hire your next executive would mean a smoother, easier, and more successful recruitment process for your company.


Are you looking for your next hire? With our methodological process, our recruitment specialists at WeLinkTalent would be glad to share their market insights with you, evaluate your recruitment strategy, support team development and search for your next talent.

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