Talent Mapping: The Key to Understanding Your Market

Identifying key candidates from your competitors is the key to understanding what talent is needed to achieve future business growth.

Talent mapping uses a specific formula to evaluate the readiness and performance of your current workforce against future developments. The goal is to identify high-potential employees whose future development aligns with your strategic priorities. Ultimately, external talent mapping builds a talent pipeline and engages with relevant individuals in the industry, should an opportunity arise for them.

Talent mapping is vital to an organization’s talent management strategy because it looks beyond the current staffing and organizational structure to envision what will be needed at various future points. This process asks critical questions about the future of human resource in your company and brings agility to your Business Continuity Plan. In order to be ready to meet new challenges and demands in the future, the type of assessment provided is vital.

At WeLinkTalent, we can map all available talent in specific geography and market without the need to engage actively. We conduct methodological research to look for talent with a mix of current performance and future growth potential that will indicate a long-term match for your company.

Our talent mapping report will provide your company with a shortlist of the best talent in the industry, assess their eagerness to change roles with the goal of understand the available talent in the market.