Talent Mapping: The Key to Understanding Your Market


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Thinking strategically and would like to find great talent for your business’ medium to long term requirements?

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Sourcing talent for a specific role, and would like a wider selection of candidates for your Business Continuity Plan?

Business Meeting

Losing out to key competitors in projects and talent and looking to identify the strong players within those companies?

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Considering an acquisition of another company and seeking to map their key individual and teams?

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strengthen your HR strategy.
map your talent.

Identify talent from your competitors and analyse your competition


Look beyond current staffing needs to anticipate future human resource requirements and strengthen your HR strategy.


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we map and identify  talent in specific  industries and geographies 

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utilise the talent map to understand, benchmark, and position your company in the industry

Business Meeting

option to approach talent and indicate interest, or analyse data to build your HR strategy

identify talent

talent mapping identifes active and passive employees whose profile aligns with the future of your business and  the map teams and organizational structures of your competition

build or update your talent pipeline and engage with targetted individuals in the industry should an opportunity arise for them and reduce hiring time


boost your competitive advantage benchmark your company and analyse your competition's capabilities, assess crisis readiness, support diversity strategies, and enhance employer perception 


talent pipeline

Looking increase your competitive advantage and map your talent?
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