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Do's and Don'ts for job seekers

Searching for a job is tiresome and demanding enough all by itself so there is no need to make things even more difficult by saying or doing the wrong things when job hunting or interviewing. Without a doubt, there are things that can hinder your job search and things that can help you land that dream job. Knowing the fundamental do's and don'ts involved when seeking a job can break or make your job search. Below is a list of what you should and shouldn't do to get that much-needed call or email.

What to DO When you Want to Get Hired

✔️Use the full power of LinkedIn – With millions of active users already, all there for business, make sure you use its full potential to boost your job search and help grow your career. Feel free to ask for our help if you are in uncharted waters.

✔️Use a job search engine – This will allow you to search all major online job sites by location and keyword, at the same time. You may also search for jobs based on specialised criteria, such as the industry, career field, jobs posted on Twitter and other social media websites, and type of position. Some of the job search engines you could consider are,, and Of course, you can include offline job search resources to maximise your chances to get hired.

✔️Customise your cover letter – Choose the most appropriate type of cover letter and make sure it is well written and customised for the job you are applying for. It should also be grammatically correct, concise, clear, and error-free, and have the right format, salutation, and closing. If you are sending an email cover letter, ensure you follow the hiring manager's instructions on how to submit it.

✔️Keep your resume short – Interviewers know that you love teamwork and are motivated so do not waste time during interviews and space on your resume by listing non-specific traits about yourself. Instead, keep your resume short and allow recruiters know where to find you. Thanks to technology, this is easier than ever before so add your blog/website and social media accounts to let recruiters see what makes you unique besides the skills listed on your resume. Needless to say, you must have made sure your online presence reveals the best of you.

✔️Connect with the right people – Make sure you research a company that has a position you are interested in to see their culture, what their values are, and whom you should be connecting with to give yourself leverage and help bring your name to the top of the interview pile. All your interactions with key people should be meaningful, though.

✔️Leverage on internal referral schemes – Most multinational companies have put in place referral schemes to incentivise employees to introduce new people to the organisation. This is for you a great opportunity to get your cv in front of the right person in no time. All you need to do is to connect with an employee part of your network and ask him to endorse you.

Basics but worth mentioning DO's:

✔️Use professional language.

✔️Be punctual.

✔️Build a unique personal brand.

✔️Search for jobs within your skill level.

✔️Walk in an interview with a positive attitude and confidence

✔️Make sure you look neat and dressed appropriately.

What NOT to DO when Searching For a Job

❌Go unprepared for the interview – Know everything you can about the company (history, mission statement, locations, etc.) making the hire. Also, check their LinkedIn page and determine which of your qualifications are most relevant to the position.

❌Badmouth past employers – If you can speak about your previous employer in a disrespectful way, chances are the interviewer will think that you will also speak that way about his/her company if you leave on not the best terms.

❌Apply for jobs you are not qualified for – This is just a huge waste of time so try not to expand your job search. However, this does not mean that you can only apply for jobs that meet your exact criteria. Better have an open mind when you go through the job ads.

❌Forget to follow up – Recruiters may need a “push” or a gentle reminder of your candidacy. Following up with a thank you note, even if you are not sure you have aced the interview, reiterating your interest in the company and the position will help bring you at the front of the hiring manager's mind again (and make a good impression, too).

❌Contradict yourself – Be honest and straightforward, be it during an interview or crafting your CV. If you tell one thing to one recruiter and something different to another interviewer, you reduce your chances to get the job significantly. Imagine if they know each other and happen to talk about you!

❌Show you are desperate – No matter what, do not give an inkling of your desperation. You need to “sell” yourself as an asset to the company, not as a person that needs to get a job to pay down their mortgage.

❌Give up – It might be difficult to carry on your job search after you have sent your CV to several places without getting much of a response. Keep your hopes up and a positive outlook.

Good Luck in your job search!

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